Treatment of Epilepsy

Epilepsy can be treated by either the patient himself or by his hakim. As for the self-therapeutic action, it depends on the patient’s faith and his willingness to take control over his own emotional disorder. It also depends on the strength of his determination and his true and sincere turning to and seeking the help of the Originator and Creator of all lives and their Sustainer. He also must truly and sincerely seek refuge in the Lord of the Universes, with his tongue of truth and innermost heart. This is called the inner battle. A warrior can only win victory over his enemy when he firmly trusts in his weapon, or when his arm is invincibly strong to compensate for a less reliable weapon. When either his trust or his arm is incapable of engaging in such battle, the weapon will fail no matter what it is. His heart will be in ruins, shabby, ineffective and incapable of knowing its Lord, and it will lack true faith, trust, piety or even direction. In truth, such a person is powerless and is doomed to destruction unless God’s mercy descends upon him to show him a way out of his predicament.

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