Treatment of Epilepsy

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It is reported by ‘Atã bin Abi Rabãh in the correct traditions (Sahïh) that Ibn ‘Abbãss once said to him: “Would you like to see a woman who is one of the dwellers of paradise?” ‘Ata replied: “Indeed.” Ibn ‘Abbãss said: “Look at this black woman! She once came before God’s Messenger صلى الله عليه و سلم and said: ‘I suffer from epileptic seizures and I become unintentionally exposed during such fits. Please pray to Allah to cure me.’ God’s Messenger صلى الله عليه و سلم replied: ‘If you wish, you may bear patiently with your condition and be awarded paradise, and if you wish otherwise, I will pray to Allah for your recovery.’ The woman replied: ‘I would rather exercise patience.’ After thinking for a moment, the woman added: ‘During seizure I become unintentionally exposed, so pray to Allah that my modesty be guarded.’ God’s Messenger صلى الله عليه و سلم then prayed for her sake.”

There are two kinds of epilepsy (Arb. sar’a): (1) one which manifests in a person who allows himself to be controlled by earthly spirits, and is commonly known as being possessed; and (2) a psychosomatic disorder that originates from physical aggravation of humors in the human body, known in tibb medicine as the corruption of akht, or putrefaction of primary humors. The second one is the kind which secular physicians speak of and endeavor to treat, while the first kind is only recognized by their betters and chief physicians. Such masters acknowledge it but do not treat it. They also recognize that its cure lies in countering the influence of evil spirits with the presence of noble and eminent ones. When one is successful at winning the company of spirits of positive influence, such good will neutralize the effects of evil and obliterate its menace.

As for secular physicians who consider base action and abominable, prurient thoughts as virtue, a challenge, and a right, they refuse to acknowledge the constant battle and physiological influence over the human body, though without certainty on their part.However, in reality such idiocy constitutes no part of the medical profession when the effects are physically evident and traceable. Their tendency to attribute it to psychosomatic disorder is partially true. Ancient physicians sometimes called epilepsy a ‘Dominant disease‘ because it happens in the head. Galen, among others, analyzed such name and attributed its etymology to a disorder that takes place in the head and, according to him, affects the sacred trust of divine knowledge stored in the cerebrum which controls the conscious and voluntary process. Of course, this opinion is also untrue and is the result of secular physicians’ ignorance of the existence of such spirits (arwãh), their constitution and functions. Secular physicians came to their conclusion when they could not prove anything besides the putrefaction of primary humors.

However, anyone with a brain, and with little thinking can easily recognize the existence of such spirits and their influences, and furthermore, he will certainly laugh at these physicians’ unfounded assertions and weakness of their proof.

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