Eating with His Fingers

God’s Messenger صلى الله عليه و سلم used his three fingers to eat, and he did not use a spoon or a fork. This is a natural way to enjoy food. Even the stomach enjoys such a natural way of eating, whereby the whole body joins in satisfying its need. It is our experience that by eating with tableware, it takes more food to satisfy one’s hunger, causing indigestion, and it feels like taking a pills rather than food. Thus, effecting the tradition of taking one third food, one third water, and one third air. Furthermore, to benefit naturally from the nutrients provided in one’s meals, one also must take pleasure in eating. However, eating with five fingers may be the cause of satiation, while pushing large quantities of food can clog food passages, and perhaps block the air passage, and that could culminate in death. Still, gorging one’s mouth to repletion forfeits the pleasure of eating and takes away the sense of wholesomeness and taste.

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