بسم الله الرحمن الرحي

السلام عليكم

Don’t tell me how bad my words or actions may have unintentionally been. Tell me how I can consciously rectify them. [Imam Zaid Shakir]

9 thoughts on “About…Me?

  1. R Ponsford

    I am a staff writer for a very low budget independent newspaper in Melbourne, Australia.
    We are preparing an article for publication next week about the healing power of foods: particularly eggs, honey and milk.
    It would be enormously appreciated if you would grant permission for us to use your website’s beautiful images of these foods to enhance the article.
    We would, of course, credit the photographs according to your wishes.
    Best regards,
    Congratulations on a very informative site,
    Rebecca Ponsford

    1. thinkwagon Post author


      First thing first, thank you for checking out my blog! As for the pictures, honestly they’re not mine as I ‘snatched’ them off Google. But sure you may use them for your website, and do bless me with the link to the article you’re working on if you decide to use the required pictures you saw in this blog. I’d love to read it!

  2. Awesomesause


    I have read nothing of this blogs content, but i would like to congratulate you for creating possibly the most amazingly awesome name for a site ever. That is all.

  3. Amy

    this happen to me ! It felt like i was under for hours , but it was only 5or 7 mins . i can’t even type what was i did what was said , it was like i knew what was going on but i could not stop it..


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