Introduction to Islamic Medicine by Hakim Salim Khan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Introduction to Islamic Medicine book

This is the first systematic study of Islamic Medicine by a practising Hakim to be published in the English language and is, with minor revisions, the second edition of the book, which was originally published in 1986. The discipline of Islamic Medicine is based on the four-element paradigm which offers a completely consistent cosmology, physics, physiology, psychology, and diagnostic and therapeutic science. Although it is startlingly unfamiliar to the modern Cartesian-Newtonian mind, it yields indisputable therapeutic results, often in areas where contemporary physicians must scratch their heads and submit to their limitations. The name for this discipline is Ḥikmah or Wisdom, in that it is devoted more to the wisdom needed to live in the best condition of health physically and spiritually, rather than merely dealing with the ill effects of our contemporary lifestyle as modern medicine must do. This work benefits both from Hakim Salim’s deep educational background and his wide clinical experience.

Hakim Salim Khan was born in the Northwest Frontier of Pakistan and studied in England and Pakistan. He has practised Islamic Medicine since 1978 and is widely acknowledged as a Ḥakim – a medical practitioner who has mastered the science of Ṭibb – medicine. Hakim Salim Khan practices at the Mohsin Institute, an Islamic Medicinal clinic and teaching institution in Leicester, England, which he founded and where he now works with his three sons. Having trained as a traditional Islamic Medical Practitioner and also having studied Iridology, Osteopathy, Western Phytotherapy and Homeopathy, he lectures and teaches at least three of these other disciplines, bringing a unique perspective to Medical Practice.

InshaAllah you can purchase the book here. Also there is a series of podcasts on Islamic Medicine on iTunes which you might find extremely interesting and beneficial.


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