بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Eggs (Baidh)
Imam al-Baihaqi narrated in his book shu’abul ïmãn (Branches of Faith) a sanctioned prophetic saying that one of God’s prophets once complained about general body weakness, and that God Almighty ordered him to eat eggs.

Following this tradition, we say that fresh eggs are better than old ones, and hen’s eggs are the best in comparison with eggs from other birds. There is perfect balance in eggs though they incline to cool temperament. In his

Egg and Shell

Egg and Shell

‘Canon of Medicine’, Avicenna said: “Egg yolk (vitelline membrane) is hot and moist, and it helps the blood-forming organs produce healthy blood.” He also said: “Eggs provide a limited but reasonable nourishment for the body, and a lightly cooked egg does not remain long enough in the stomach for full coction.” Others upheld that egg yolk acts as a calmative and a pain killer, soothes the throat and the trachea, reduces roughness of the chest, and acts as a cough suppressant. Egg yolk also benefits patients suffering from tuberculosis, boils on the surface of the liver, and ulcer of the urinary bladder. Egg yolk also helps reduce hoarseness and hemorrhaging, particularly when eaten with sweet almond butter, and it also helps the maturation of chest rheum, and reduces the coarseness of voice.

In the form of eye drops, egg white (albumen) cools hot swelling and abates pain. Rubbing egg white on minor skin burns can prevent blisters and egg1scarring. Egg white is also used to treat sunburns. Applying a balm of egg white mixed with frankincense (olibannum) to the forehead also helps in the treatment of bronchitis. Avicenna also mentioned egg yolk in the treatment of heart diseases, adding: “Though it is not the principal cure, yet it plays an important role in strengthening the heart. Egg yolk convers quickly into blood, leaves little ejecta, and furthermore it converts into light blood that is homogeneous with that of the heart, and lastly, it is among the best nourishment for preventing common illnesses that affect the basic functions of pneuma.”


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